Water without pollution


In many areas of the world today bottled water is the only way of providing drinking water.

There is a backside: bottled water is producing a massive amount of pollution during manufacturing and transport, and mountains of used plastic bottles that are thrown away after use.


Worldwide CO2 emission from production and distribution of bottled water in 2006: 39.7 billion kg 

Water from WaterStillar® is CO2 free

CO2 emissions from bottled drinking water

WaterStillar is a localized water purification system that removes the need to transport bottled water over long distances hereby eliminating C02 pollution both from transportation and from manufacturing of plastic bottles.

The Pacific Institute estimates that the process of manufacturing 1 liter of bottled water requires 3 liters of feed water and an oil consumption equivalent to 1/4 liter of oil.

Worldwide CO2 emissions from bottled water

Energy is needed to filtrate water at the factory, fill the bottles with water, move it by truck, train, ship, or air freight to the user, cool it in grocery stores or home refrigerators, and recover, recycle, or throw away the empty bottles at the end of the process.

    • In 2006 more than 178 billion litres of water were sold in bottles.
    • Each bottle emits 0.16kg of CO2 by manufacturing.
    • In 2006 manufacturing of plastic bottles created (178 billion x 0.16kg) 28.5 billion kg CO2.

    Research shows that these bottles are shipped predominantly by road and the average distance a bottle will travel (from cradle to grave) is approx 1000km:

    • Emissions of a large truck are 63 g CO2 per tonne kilometre
    • One litre of bottled water is 0.063kg CO2 by transport
    • In 2006 transport of plastic bottles created (178 billion x 0.063kg) 11.2 billion kg CO2

    CO2 emission from WaterStillar®?

    WaterStillar is a locally based water production system that eradicates this wasteful CO2 emission, and lowers production cost while providing high quality water distilled by the Sun.

    When WaterStillar® is run only by solar heated water and the water is consumed locally (at home or workplace) using refillable bottles then the effective CO2 emission is ZERO.