Girl Drinking Water

Solar distilled drinking water

WaterStillar is a Danish company with a mission to provide the purest drinking water possible.

Point of use water cleaning eliminating transport, waste, plastic bottles and chemicals. Completely sustainable. Solar powered.
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Solar powered

200 l bathing water

18 l drinking water

per day.


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85 l bathing water

20 l drinking water

per day.


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Solar powered

100-1000 l drinking water

per day.

Desalination: Yes. 


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Distilled, not filtered

Distillation is natures way of cleaning water.


Distillation takes water out of water and eliminates any kind of contaminants. 


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Built to last

 WaterStillar goes a long way to design and build the best systems possible.

The idea is that it will work for decades, saving resources and trouble.

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Green Tech

SSolar powered

No chemicals

No environmental foot print

No plastic waste

No wasted energy

No noise

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Avoid  thousands of contaminants in your drinking water.

Take control of your drinking water and have guaranteed clean water.