Girl Drinking Water

Our worlds cleanest drinking water

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Distilled, not filtered

Distillation is natures way of cleaning water.


Distillation takes water out of water and eliminates any kind of contaminants. 



Built to last

 WaterStillar goes a long way to design and build the best systems possible.

The idea is that it will work for decades, saving resources and trouble.


Green Tech

No chemicals

No environmental foot print

No plastic waste

No wasted energy

No noise


Avoid  thousands of contaminants in your drinking water.

Take control of your drinking water and have guaranteed clean water.


WaterStillar is all about cleaning water through distillation.
Point of use drinking water for homes or workplaces.
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Solar powered.

200 l bathing water and up to 18 l drinking water per day.


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85 l bathing water and up to 20 l drinking water per day.


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Solar powered.

From 100-1000 l drinking water per day.

Desalination: Yes. 



The cleanest drinking water

 Distillation is natures own way of cleaning water and the foundation of all life as we know it. WaterStillar's systems will provide perfetc drinking water for decades with no quality loss and will never have biofouling issues. 



Science and nature goes hand in hand.

 WaterStillar distills water without pressure or forced movement of water/vapor. Then the water is stored in a sterile tank - and before it ends up in your glass it will pass through activated carbon. 

The result is non-aggressive, stable, neutral and completely clean water. WaterStillar uses natural laws - hydrodynamics, gravity, the water cycle etc - so we know it will work for a long, long time. 

We do not claim, we prove. We are constantly working on a contaminant database showing what distillation, filters, UV and carbon can do in comparison (backed up på scientific proof).

Scientist Pipetting