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Our "WHY"



At WaterStillar we build our equipment to bring you the best drinking water money can buy. We are not the biggest in the world, but we are serious about being the best.

It is our intention to make complete solutions. Not just products that are superior within their field, but complete solutions that will enhance the basic quality of our drinking water. As you will see, we go the extra mile in every respect: quality, convenience, service and environment. Clean water is the most important thing in our world – and it is our commitment to provide it to as many people as possible, year after year.

Access to drinkable fresh water is one of our biggest challenges. It gets worse every day. The challenge is therefore to have some sustainable, rigid, long lasting and simple technologies at the point of use, that can turn (any) water into drinking water. That is what we work for.


WaterStillar. For your life.

Tom Juul Andersen
Founder and developer

...the picture of Tom is from the early days :-)

Our solar roadmap

  1. First we invented and developed a highly efficient distillation system for schools, workplaces, hotels, hospitals etc. (WaterStillar Works)

  2. Then we invented and developed systems for homes. They come in 2 versions - electrical and solar powered: Wall and Family.

  3. Now we are working on the low cost product for low income markets.

  4. Then we will develop a bulk water system(s) for cubic meters and not liters.


We build the best possible and then find ways to bring prices down. Local manufacturing and shortcutting the distance between us and customer is our strategy.  We have started in the EU...since we are Danish. 

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-18 at 07.11.24.jpeg

Sustainability to us is

We are a small company that purpose driven people want to work with. Be proud of. 


We promote responsible conduct and innovation on all levels. 

We reduce plastic, transportation, chemicals, noise and waste related to drinking water.

We are a for-profit company and will pay money forward to innovate, bring prices down and reward our teams/partners.

We are humans and working with us requires good behaviour and mutual respect. 

We are science based and have nothing to hide. We prove before we claim - and if distillation isn't the right choice, we will tell.

(Picture: S. Meyer: Bottle from Black Beach in Santorini, 2022)



AquaDania A/S was started in 2003 with an idea that today is the WaterStillar Works system. Extensive product development, patents, some +40 prototypes, 3rd party documentation and year long field tests took the company through some years of trial and error, before installing first commercial Works systems in Egypt in 2010 (see picture).

In 2014, the idea for WaterStillar Family and Wall was born. Goverment support made it possible to develop these products in 2014-2020 and can now be bought.

AquaDania consist of a few full time people, a network of 10-20 people working ad hoc, some very helpful sub-suppliers and scientific institutes. +35 business angels has made the journey so far, possible. 


We are based in Denmark and are establishing branches abroad, one by one.

(Picture shows the first commercial installation at Radisson Blu in El Queseir in 2010)

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