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Eco resorts and hotels

Make perfect drinking water locally.

Avoid plastic bottles, waste and transportation

We build to order. Size and configuration differ.

Volumes: From 100 to 1000 liters / day

Size: 8ft and 20ft containers

Connections: Feed water in; Drain water out and drinking water out 

Night time/overcast operation: Yes, via 2-3 kWh+ heater

Noise: None, silent

Colour: White or light grey

Placement: Where the container can be unloaded by crane

Can it desalinate water: Yes

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Water Production Agreement
Our leasing deal

WaterStillar will build, ship, install and maintain the system.

You pay a start fee for installation

You pay a monthly minimum

Fixed price per liter.

You go green and avoid plastic bottles, transport and waste


WaterStillar monitor the system remotely and will direct debit the monthly usage according to the WPA (Water Production Agreement).

You check the water quality by 3rd party laboratory and have the responsibility to keep pipes, dispensers and refillable bottles clean.

WaterStillar can only provide this service in areas, where we are established and have trained people who can do maintenance. Please check with us.

Look and feel

WaterStillar Works is a storage (8 to 20 foot)  container, with one or more high performance thermal solar collector on the side.


It will be delivered pre-assembled via crane. The system will then be connected to A) Feed water; B) Power; C) Ethernet cable; D) Drain water and E) Drinking water outlet.

If all connections are there, the installation will take app 2 days and will always be done together with the customer. Since containers aren't directly beautiful, placement and coverings is something the customer can do after WaterStillars approval.

The users will only see small taps or dispensers. We encourage to tell the fantastic story behind WaterStillar and present the water in the nicest way possible.

Screenshot 2022-06-11 at 11.02.24.png

Monitored 24/7

WaterStillar Works is cloud connected and is monitored 24/7. In this way we can provide better sevice and better insight before paying the system a visit.

Service, upgrades and normal maintenence is done by WaterStillar but always in collaboration with the customer. Software updates are mostly done remotely. 

The system will be locked for security reasons and WaterStillar needs free access to the system 24/7. System upgrades are done remotely and automated triggers will warn WaterStillar about problems, hopefully before the customers do.

All data is stored in WaterStillars support database and for invoicing. As a payable service, WaterStillar can analyse and show water consumption in hourly time slots for the customer.

The system can be shut off remotely, if there are quality problems or the customer does not pay. 

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