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Store terms and conditions


Business address etc.

AquaDania a/s
Kirstinehøj 17
2770 Kastrup 
VAT no.: DK27223788


Prices, fees and bookings

All prices on the website are incl. 25% VAT. The web shop automatically assigns a shipping fee when you choose the delivery form.

We accept payment by major credit cards, bank transfer and via Paypal. AquaDania A/S uses an approved payment server that encrypts your card information with the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. The purchase is not binding until we have sent an order confirmation or invoice for the purchase. The payment is only deducted from your account when the item is shipped.

Stock and delivery

Goods purchased in the webshop are delivered to addresses in Denmark. Orders from addresses outside Denmark are considered as queries that are answered with an offer including shipping to the specified address.

The vast majority of the goods we present on the website are in stock. We usually ship on Monday and Thursday. If you want faster delivery, this can often be done if you write to us – then we find a solution.

Right of withdrawal – Return policy

You have the right to cancel your purchase within 14 days from the day the goods are received. You can inform us that you regret the purchase by mail or letter. Use the standard withdrawal form at the bottom of this document.

If you have already received the item, it must be returned. A timely return can be made either by personal delivery or by shipping with eg. DHL no later than the month day after the goods are received. We will not reimburse the retur international shipping cost.

You can also exercise your right of withdrawal by not picking up the parcel at the pick up point or by refusing the receipt. We are happy to be contacted before any return, as not all goods must go to the same warehouse. You must bear the costs that may be related to the return yourself.


AquaDania A/S grants the right of complaint according to the Købeloven (DK), comprising manufacturing and material defects, which are found in the normal use of the product. The warranty does not cover defects, damages or wear, directly or indirectly caused by improper operation, poor maintenance, violence or unauthorized intervention.

As a consumer you have a 2 year warranty, which means that you can either get the goods repaired, exchanged, money back or rejection of the price, depending on the specific situation. This of course means that the complaint is justified. In the event of a complaint, the product must be returned to AquaDania A/S by prior arrangement.


The warranty does not cover:

  • Any fault or costs arising from incorrect installation, incorrect application, lack of regular maintenance in accordance with the installation manual, neglect, accidental or malicious damage, misuse, any alteration, tampering or repair carried out by a non-professional, any fault arising from the tampering with or removal of any factory fitted safety components or measures.

  • Any consequential damage or any indirect loss caused by any failure or malfunction whatsoever.

  • Any pipework or any equipment connected to WaterStillar Wall or Family.

  • The effects of frost, lightning, voltage variation, lack of water, dry boiling, excess pressure or chlorination procedures.

  • The effects of stagnant (de-aerated) water if the Product has been left unused for more than 60 days consecutively.

  • Damage caused during transportation. Buyer shall give the carrier notice of such damage.

  • Costs arising if the Product is not immediately accessible for servicing.


WaterStillar Wall and WaterStillar Family is manufactured to suit most public water supplies. However, there are certain water chemistries that can have a harmful effect and cause a shorter life expectancy. If you have doubt regarding water quality, the local water supply authority should be able to give you the information. The warranty applies only if the conditions set out below are met in full:

  • WaterStillar Wall or Family has been installed by a professional installer, in accordance with the instructions in the installation manual and all relevant Codes of Practice and Regulations.

  • WaterStillar Wall and Family has not been modified, tampered with or subjected to misuse and no factory fitted parts have been removed

  • WaterStillar Wall or Family has only been connected to a domestic mains water supply in compliance with the European Drinking Water Directive. The water should not be aggressive, i.e. the water chemistry shall comply with the following:

  • Chloride                                            < 250 mg / L

  • Electric Conductivity (EC) @25°C    < 750 µS / cm

  • Saturation Index (LSI) @80°C          > – 1,0 / < 0,8

  • pH level                                            > 6,0 / < 9,0

  • The immersion heater or the solar tubes heat caps has not been exposed to hardness levels exceeding 10°dH (180 ppm CaCO3). In case of higher hardness, a properly maintained water softener is recommended.

  • Any disinfection has been carried out without affecting the Product in any way whatsoever. The Product shall be isolated from any system chlorination.

  • The Product has been in regular use from the date of installation. If the Product is not intended to be used for 60 days or more, it must be drained.

  • Service and/or repair shall be done according to the installation manual and all relevant codes of practice. 

  • Any replacement parts used shall be original AquaDania A/S spare parts.

  • Any third-party costs associated with any claim has to be authorised in advance by AquaDania a/s in writing.

  • The purchase invoice and/or installation invoice, a water sample as well as the defective product shall be made available to AquaDania A/S upon request.



If there is a defect and you have sent a valid claim within the warranty period, AquaDania a/s shall either; i) repair the defect, or; ii) replace the product with a product that is identical or similar in function, or; iii) refund the purchase price.

Any exchanged product or part will become the legal property of AquaDania A/S. Any valid claim or service does not extend the original warranty. The replacement product or part does not carry a new warranty.

Any exchanged Product or component will become the legal property of AquaDania A/S. Any valid claim or service does not extend the original warranty. The replacement Product or part does not carry a new warranty.

Privacy Policy

Your information – name, address, phone number and email – we only use it to send your order and inform you of the order and its delivery.

The personal information is registered and stored at AquaDania A/S for 5 years. All employees have the opportunity to access the information that is neither sent nor stored encrypted. As registered, you always have the opportunity to understand what we have registered and can request that the information be deleted: Send us an email at

Information submitted to AquaDania A/S is not disclosed or sold to third parties, and we do not record any personal information.


If you want to complain about your purchase, please contact us via email, at If you, after a written complaint to us, believe that you have been treated in violation of the rules, you can appeal against us to the Consumer Complaints Board. You can either complain using a physical complaint form or by complaining online. You can get the complaint form and guidance through the Consumer Agency’s hotline:

Tel. +45 70 13 13 30 open between 9-12 Mon-Friday, Thursday also 15-19.

Consumer Complaints

Competition and Consumer Authority

Carl Jacobsen’s road 35

2500 Valby



If you are a consumer resident in another EU country, you can state your complaint in the EU Commission’s online complaint platform. The platform is available here: If you indicate a complaint here, please inform our e-mail address:


Withdrawal form

(This form is completed and returned only if the right of withdrawal is claimed)

AquaDania A/S 

Kirstinehøj 17

2770 Kastrup



I / we hereby declare that I / we wish to exercise the right of withdrawal in connection with my / our purchase agreement on the following goods / supply of the following services:

Ordered it / received it

Consumer Name (Consumer Names)

Consumer address (Consumer address)

Consumer’s signature (Consumers’ signatures) (only if the form’s content is communicated on paper)


Payment Methods
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