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How does it work?

(Solar) distillation

WaterStillar is all about distilling water. 

It is quite simple: Heat (dirty) water and it will evaporate into a gas. Then cool the gas down and it will condensate back into clean water. When you evaporate, you'll need heat energy and when you condense, you need cold energy. 

That is our technology...or that is how nature creates life.

If you copy/paste this into an apparatus - and not cut corners - you will have the cleanest water possible. It is simple, but not easy. 

There are 3 major challenges: 1) Reuse of energy and 2) A simple design that will not fail but last for decades and 3) Keeping the water clean and not allowing anything migrate back into the water.

Distillation vs Filters

Distillation eliminates, filters reduce contaminants.

Filters clog up and needs back flushing or replacement when they are used. Distillation systems leave behind dry matter in the evaporation part and needs cleaning.

Filters are much more energy efficient than distillation - but distillation make cleaner water and has no decline in quality over time. 

Filtered water is often aggressive and needs post treatment in order to be used. RO membranes only have 20-35% efficiency, meaning some 70% of the water is lost.

Filters are wonderful, but you should consider distillation for your drinking water. 

Filtered Coffee
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WaterStillar Wall_edited.png
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Both systems use condensation to heat bathing water. 

Both systems use energy to evaporate water but then reuses the energy fully to condensate the distilled water by heating bathing water. 2 in 1.

This requires a design with of 3 tanks and a number of fluid connections between them to have a working design that works.

They look like any other hot water boiler and any other solar water heater. They are installed just like them - but they have an extra pipe out with clean drinking water. 

WaterStiller Works_edited.png

It is all about reusing energy.

Our patented design is a number of heat conductive sheets with a spacer that forms multiple layers or evaporation+condensation chambers. The stack of layers are tilted, so that water runs off by itself.  Dirty (incl salt) water flows through each layer and heat energy is induced in the bottom layer - which then by itself gets transported through the layers by evaporation/condensation.

This principle is know from any multiple effect distillation system. In our case it is working solely through gravity and thermodynamics. And it may be the worlds most effective of it's kind. 

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