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1: Improving health

"Water related deseases are occupying every second hospital bed in the world" Dean Kamen said in "Slingshot". Might be true and it is not only a problem in the poor parts of the world. 

Problem is that contaminants in water are causing problems in the long run, not always hours after. In this way water problems are just another concern and in the rich part of the world - it is something government take care of.  So why bother?

At WaterStillar we believe that any improvement of drinking water is welcome. We know that we can eliminate just about any contaminant, guaranteed for centuries, but also that our place in the market is a niche. Nonetheless - avoiding any cancer or underdeveloped newborn is reason enough to continue.

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2: Reducing waste

7bn of the 9.2bn tonnes of plastics produced btw 1950 and 2017 are now waste 75% of that waste is in landfills or accumulating in terrestrial and aquatic environments and ecosystems.

1 million plastic bottles are sold every minute and the number is going up. Best guess is that less than 10% of these bottles are recycled. 

Plastic is full of chemicals and they end up in our bodies, causing not yet understood problems. 

Bottled water companies do not produce water. They produce bottles.

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Crushed Plastic Bottles

3: Being trustworthy

Leadership in changing times - global resources, climate changes, water stress, pandemics, pullution etc - is no longer only related to profits and stock markets. WaterStillar is an organization with a strong wish to stand up for strong values and long term positive effects with our world, investors, employees and customers. 

If you have a choice: Will you buy from a non trustworthy company? Will you work for a non trustworthy company? Would you tell your friends about WaterStillar, if we weren't trustworthy? 

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4: Highest quality

Todays challenges with shortages and pullution are related to the idea of buying cheap crap (sorry) and accepting it to be replaced any time soon due to malfunctioning or the change of fashion/technology. 

We try to build the best of the best and hope our systems will last for decades. And if they malfunction - they are fixable. If they can be upgraded, we will make sure that it is an option. 

Quality also means constantly improving new and better designs or materials. 

(Picture is the 2nd gen. WaterStillar Wall being hand assembled in Denmark)

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