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Offer clean water to your customers

If you are building and designing houses you can now add an option of clean drinking water as part of the technical installation.

Tiny and eco houses

Builders and designers of (mobile) tiny houses have many things in common. Drinkable water regardless of the water source is one of them.

Harvesting rain water, an old well or surface water can be transformed to perfect drinking water with a WaterStillar system and it doesn't take up more space than any other water heater. 

This option will make the house stand out and mean health and safety to the owners. For decades.

(Picture: Kodasema) 

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Apartment Building

Renovating old apartments

Pipes in older buildings are often made with heavy metals, which make the water unhealthy to drink. WaterStillar Wall removes all heavy metals and could give extra life to listed buildings.

In most places water is becoming questionable in quality and therefore chlorinated. WaterStillar Wall eliminates contaminants and carrying water bottles home could become a thing of the past.

New apartments in cities or towns with water quality issues? Consider installing WaterStillars. It is a really strong argument to claim clean drinking water is installed !

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Architects and Designers

Any home needs water for bathing, cleaning, dishes and drinking. 


The water purification part has not yet been a discipline for architects to deal with, but it will be - in most places of the earth. 

WaterStillar's domestic systems integrates hot water and drinking water into one "building block". Easy to install and even easier to run for decades without problems.

If you had the option to choose a house with or without clean drinking water...what qould you choose?

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Modern Bathroom
Solar Panels

Solar roof integrators

Power Production Agreements have opened the market for solar power on roofs. 

No investment or trouble. Just cheaper power. 

Imagine if this agreement would include hot water and clean drinking water. Just add a WaterStillar system and this market will have quite another break even point and happier customers.

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