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Hide and Seek

Wall & Family

Both systems are patented and are both a combination of a distillation apparatus for drinking water  and a hot water tank for bathing water.

Working principle for
Wall and Family

A) Feed water from your house is connected to both the distillation and the hot water tanks.

B)  A heater or a solar collector heat up/ boil the feed water

C) The feed water evaporates and become a gas

D) The water vapor condenses on the wall of the hot water tank and 1) releases heat into the colder bathing water and 2) forms distillate

E) The distillate is collected in a seperate tank and distilled water can be tapped

F) The bathing water is being heated by the 100% reused energy from condensation.

G) Untreated, but heated water can be used for bathing and washing.

Screenshot 2022-06-15 at 13.40.08.png

Wall: IoT connected

Wall is an IoT device that can run directly out of the box on factory settings - but you can also control it via the WaterStillar app.

With the app, you can contro one or more systems. Most used feature is the ON/OFF button - but you can also control the bathing water set temperature by simply changing the desired temperature.

Wall will help you remember when to change the optional filters and will also do automated flushing due to the water quality settings that you enter (once). Even if you switch the system OFF, it will start automatically if the tank temperature is below 8C (frost protection).

The app will be updated regularly with new features and is free to use. 

Long life but with limitations

One of the most important solutions to our current crisis is to reduce, repair and reuse ressources. Therefore we build our systems to be a life long companion.

But there are some limitations when it comes to water treatment. Distillation will by default make the same quality for decades - but the stainless steel we use will not tolerate aggressive water forever.

We only use stainless steel from EU suppliers, who guarantees the quality. We also pay for the highest quality in robot welding and the pickling of the tanks. The life span is expected considerably longer than normal enamelled tanks, but still we need to say that Wall and family is NOT designed for desalination (because stainless steel will not last) .

Before purchase, therefore always have a water test done and consult WaterStillar.

Maintenance Man

Quality control

We aim to build Wall as and "plug and play" system. This means that all otherwise necessary is already built in - so that the installation is a matter of hanging it to the wall - connecting 2 flexible hoses and the drinking water tap. 


The tanks are pressure tested from the factory and all electrical connections are tested. What can happen during transporation/ storage is a leak in some of the fittings. This must be fixed on site.

Wall is made in the EU and follows these standards, see the Declaration of conformaty.

The picture shows the hand made assembly of Wall gen 2 in 2021 in our warehouse in Copenhagen. 


Family: 100% analogue

The beauty of Family is the 100% analogue design with no moving parts. You can add extras - but in it's basic design all needed is pressurized feed water and sun. The rest is then driven through gravity and thermodynamics.

Family is like any other solar water heater, but makes distilled water simultaneously. One nice feature is the fact that it can not over heat and break. In this way the missing or failing security pressure valve and/or pressure vessel is not needed. 

Family can be fitted with an electrical back-up heater, so that both drinking and bathing water can be produced on a cloudy day - or winter.

The design has changed during the development and the picture shows the very first prototype from 2014. It is still running.


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