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These stainless steel tubes are equipped with an anti-twist union nut or a compression fitting, which prevents the tube from twisting during the fixing process. They are fully suitable for drinking water and used for connections in the sanitary and drinking water sector.


Professional quality. These reinforced tubes are perfectly suitable for tap water in hot- and cold-water connections, for dishwashers, washing machines, tap connections, water softeners and … WaterStillar Wall.


The hygienic silicone tubes are equipped with a flexible and sturdy, durable stainless steel braiding. ½” – ½” female connectors (union nut). Unlike conventional flexible hoses these are made with silikone tubes and they are therefore much more flexible and tolerate higher water temperatures.


For a typical installation, you need 2: One for cold water and one for hot. 

Flexible hoses

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Excluding VAT
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