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Our recommended solution for carbon treatment of the distilled water that will last a lifetime.


Simply open, empty old carbon, refill with new, rinse and re-install.

The set consist of 1 cylinder, 2 triclamps, 2 silicone mesh filters (mesh 150), 2 x 1/2″ connections and 1 stainless ball valve. All in food grade stainless steel.


The set fits inside WaterStillar Wall, directly connected to the drinking water outlet.

This solution will have almost no pressure drop, which means a better flow when you tap or pump the drinking water. This allows your to use special carbons that is designed to remove certain contaminants, in case you have special needs. The carbon in 0,5 or 1 kg bags is cheaper than cartridges (not included).


Our triclamp filter can be sterilized, can tolerate hot water and will not cause migration of contaminants into your drinking water. We highly recommend it.

Refillable carbon filter housing

SKU: ACrefill1
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